Friday, February 10, 2023

The Desert Can Go F*** Itself

Last week I mentioned the found-footage horror flick The Outwaters in relation to recent lo-fi sensation and MNPP fave Skinamarink, because those movies two directors, Robbie Banfitch and Kyle Edward Ball -- both open homosexuals, right out in the open, imagine it! -- were featured chatting in the New York Times about their respective films, and the indie scene that's booming a lil' bit in horror right now. Well anyway The Outwaters is now in theaters (before hitting Screambox soon-ish) and if you click over to Pajiba you can read my thoughts on the movie. They're more mixed than my ecstatic ones about Skinamarink, but given how all over the map people have reacted to Skinamarink that probably means nothing to most of you. I will say this for The Outwaters, though -- way more male nudity! Below is the trailer by the way, and you can look to see if the film's playing near you at this link

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Anonymous said...

If that guy with the booty in the pic gets naked then I'm sold!