Friday, February 10, 2023

Pic of the Day

I was just wondering earlier this week what the deal was with this one, and here we are finally -- last May I told you of Femme, a queer revenge thriller that will star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as a drag queen who gets gay-bashed only to bump into his attacker (played by MNPP fave George MacKay) some time later in a gay sauna. Since he's out of drag in the gay sauna MacKay doesn't recognize him, and yadda yadda (hopefully sexy) revenge thriller commence. Anyway as you can see up top we have our first image from the film (click to embiggen) as it prepares to premiere at the Berlinale in the next couple of weeks -- it comes via Deadline, where they also chatted with everybody involved about the movie. Choice quote from the film's co-director and writer Sam H. Freeman:

"It sprung out of our love and enjoyment of high-octane, neo-noir thrillers. They’re our reference, films by the likes of Nicolas Winding Refn, the Safdie Brothers and also old school Martin Scorsese... But however much we love those movies, we realized that we don’t exist in these worlds. They’re so hyper-masculine and revel in that kind of hyper-masculinity. There are very rarely queer characters in these films. And when there are, they’re often funny, with some kind of quirk."

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