Friday, February 10, 2023

Magic Mike's Fury Road

Do not let the above photo that Channing Tatum shared today from the set of Magic Mike's Last Dance (in honor of the movie now being in theaters) fool you -- that photo feels like way more skin than you really ever see in the film itself. And I never wanted to be That Guy -- the one who took these movies to task for trying to be, you know, Movies, and not just Banana Hammock Strip Routines. But this latest one finally defeated me. Head on over to Pajiba to read my thoughts, which are mixed to put it lightly. I will say this is a case where my nagging makes the movie sound worse than it is -- it's a perfectly okay time. Salma Hayek really is terrific. There's just way too little show in this show-and-tell. If only everything had been as effortless and confident as its first twenty minutes, glimpsed here in this clip:

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