Friday, February 10, 2023

Ben Aldridge Seven Times

Knock at the Cabin and Spoiler Alert actor and mustache-rider Ben Aldridge is rocking some short-shorts on the cover of the new issue of Attitude magazine (thx Mac) and readers, I literally choked on my breakfast looking at the cover image seen above. I almost died because of an up-short shadow! That's a new one! (Ed. -- That is not a new one.) Anyway all good tidings and blessings for the new year unto the photographer Kosmas Pavlos who gifted us this shoot -- and if you check his Instagram you'll see he also shot Lucas Bravo this month so he is living the life y'all. (And let's get Ben and Lucas in a swarthy erotic thriller stat!) Aaaaanyway I will have more on Knock at the Cabin coming shortly, but for now let's just enjoy this sexy neon-soaked and stached-up photoshoot. Hit the jump for it...

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