Thursday, February 09, 2023

Happy 5 To Permission

Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of director Brian Crano's delightful rom-com Permission, which stars Rebecca Hall and Dan Stevens as a couple who've been together since high school who decide to give each other "permission" (ooh there's the title!) to sleep around for a minute before they get married and never have the chance again. Dan Stevens ends up having a fling with a very very very funny Gina Gershon, while Becky ends up boning hot perfect François Arnaud, whose nudity in the film we're posting today as our form of celebration. I did post this once before but what the hell, when in Rome (and yes in this instance "Rome" is "inside of François Arnaud's underpants"). Oh and this movie also stars Rebecca Hall's ridiculously hot husband (and Gilded Age star) Morgan Spector as a gay and he has a hot gay sex scene in it too?

In other words this movie has everything you need and I don't know why it doesn't get more love. How has Crano not made another movie since??? Granted I'm slightly biased when it comes to the movie for selfish reasons as it marked the very first time I got blurbed in a trailer -- they took a little nugget from my review at The Film Experience when I saw it at the Tribeca fest that year. Anyway the movie got a very small physical media release in the US (DVDs of it are going for a hundred bucks!) but you can watch it on Tubi right now, as well as on Prime, and I recommend you do. It's a sweet and terrifically-acted way to spend a couple of hours. And you get to stare at François Arnaud's dick. If that ain't cinema!!! And speaking of, hit the jump for more gifs...

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bassettbussy said...

morgan and francois are so beautiful