Monday, February 13, 2023

Good Morning, World

What, you think I am going to leave a single shot from Jonathan Majors' photo-shoot for Ebony magazine (see the rest here) un-posted? Think again, suckers! This behind-the-scenes gif comes to us via this video shared by the shoot's stylist (thx Mac) -- my second favorite thing about it (my first thing is Jonathan, duh) is the awe-struck expression on the stylist's face as he stares at Jonathan's back (which we all know is as stunning as his front), which I had to turn into its own gif because it is both priceless and profoundly relatable:


Anonymous said...

Which anime?

Jason Adams said...

In the blurb on Insta alongside the video he says it's something called ONE PIECE -- I'm no good with anime so I don't know it