Monday, February 13, 2023

Charlie's Jackals

I haven't watched this yet myself since I just got to work and immediately got the heads-up on it -- but what a glorious way to start a Monday morning! Charlie Kaufman, director of I'm Thinking of Ending Things and Synecdoche New York (two of the great masterpieces of the past twenty years) and writer of Eternal Sunshine and Adaptation and Being John Malkovich and so on with the masterpieces, has made a short film! It's called Jackals & Fireflies and it's based on a poem by the poet Eva H.D. who also stars in the short -- if you were as big a nerd for Charlie's last movie (Ending Things) as I was then you might recognize the poet's name from that movie, as it was a poem of hers that Jessie Buckley recites at one point, and we see also one of her books in Jesse Plemons' childhood bedroom. She's apparently a great friend of Charlie's. Lucky goil. Anyway here's the short film, I will be watching it now myself as well -- ohh, let us watch it together!

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