Friday, December 02, 2022

Fassy Full Speed

Normally when I post about Michael Fassbender's YouTube series on his racing side-career called  "Road to Le Mans" it's because he spent some of the latest episode stripping clothes off -- see here and here and here and here for fine examples of that! In the time Fassy has spent off the big screen this series has been a gift, for sure. But with the latest episode there's none of that, so why are we here? Because the episode spends some time on the set of his new movie with David Fincher, that's why! Called The Killer I wrote about the film previously of course, see that here. It's out in 2023 and this is our first look at what we can expect, visually anyway, and I am digging it all. Michael in jumpsuits -- yes please! Cannot wait for this flick. The Killer stuff begins around the two-minute mark or so; watch:

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