Friday, November 18, 2022

I Would Like To Inspect Jeremy Pope

The Inspection, starring Jeremy Pope as a gay man joining the Marines as a last-ditch grab at getting his shit together -- based on writer-director Elegance Britton's real-life story -- is in theaters today! I reviewed it over at Pajiba when it screened a few weeks back at the NYFF, check it out here. The movie is very fine, with excellent turns from Gabrielle Union and Raúl Castillo also contained therein -- I recommend. I gift it my seal of approval! No that's not a chocolate fingerprint -- it's my seal of approval, dammit. The trailer is over here if you missed it. 


Anonymous said...

chocolate fingerprint?

bdog said...

I like Pope, but he always reminds me of the heinous Hollywood Netflix fiasco. The only person in that that I don’t cringe at now is the great Paget Brewster. She was the only fun person in it.
That said, I binged AHS:NYC , and thought it was pretty great. The cast, Mantello, Tovey and Grossman were standouts. And Patti sang. AND we got a Patti impersonator! It was one of the better seasons, closer in tone and quality to Versace, and miles away from the lows of Roanoke and most of last season.