Thursday, October 20, 2022

We All Fall For Paul Mescal

One of the movies of the year is hitting theaters tomorrow -- Charlotte Wells' tearjerking daddy drama Aftersun, starring Paul Mescal as a young father who takes his daughter on a beach vacation, is hitting some theaters (it's playing FLC here in NYC) after a really spectacular run at the fall fests; I saw it at TIFF and reviewed it right here. A choice quote from yours truly:

"Once Aftersun's got you in its grip it's gonna squeeze. The last act of this film held me so tight I was shaking -- I think anybody who's found their relationship with their father fractured will feel this film like a tidal wave across the face."

You can watch the trailer right here but why bother, just go see the damn movie the second you can. You trust me, right? (Don't answer that.) Anyway this photoshoot for Flaunt mag has been around for a little bit but I figured I'd save it for this moment when I could properly nag at you to go see this movie. And now with that accomplished onto the photos after the jump...

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