Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Paul Mescal Five Times

Haven't had time to read Paul Mescal's profile in The New York Times today myself but if you'd like to beat me to it click here (thx Mac) -- for now we'll make due with the photos of his dreamy dreamy dreamy visage. Very happy to see his film Aftersun doing so well -- click here to read my really very enthusiastic review -- as I thought it might be the sort of slight little whisper of a thing that got lost in the big awards-season shuffle, but it really seems to be hitting everybody who sees it as hard in their hearts as it did me. It got a ton of nominations in the Gothams just announced today. Maybe we can wrangle Paul a Best Actor Oscar nom too? (I'd honestly be shocked if they went there -- they never nominate young pretty men. But he'd be worthy. (That said my number one concern is getting Bill Nighy a nom for Living.) Anyway hit the jump to stare a little more into Paul's dreamy dreamy dreamy eyes...

ETA and here is a bonus shot from the L.A. Times:

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