Thursday, September 01, 2022

Transexual Transylvania Closing In Quick

Yeesh the news is coming hot and hard today and my poor little fingers can hardly keep up. Somebody get over here and massage my fingers please! The first trailer for Shudder's forthcoming four-part docu-series Queer For Fear, which our pal Bryan Fuller has executive produced, has just now arrived! We'd seen a clip from the series which gave us a fine idea about the awesomeness in store (watch that here), but this trailer offers a good and proper over-look. Yes, as in The Overlook...

... hardy har har. Anyway the series as you ought to have scratched into your calendars by now hits Shudder in just a few short weeks on September 30th; EW spoke to Bryan and got some typically choice quotes from the ever-quotable man (he managed to get the phrase "giant cock that came to roost" in there hahaha). The trailer is age-restricted now (which happened in just the last five minutes since I began writing this) so you know, stand taller while you watch it or whatever.

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