Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Monsters Are Taking Brooklyn Again!

First things first -- that might be the most gorgeous artwork for the Brooklyn Horror Fest to date? Totally gorgeous. Anyway this fest, one of my faves, is up to its seventh year now, and yes I have been covering it all seven. And today they announced the first round of titles for their 2022 spectacular -- you can see them all right here but the things that leapt right out at me (beside the fact that the fest has been officially taken over by Shudder, which is not a surprise in the slightest) are this. One, they are doing a retrospective of Lucio Fulci movies! It's eight films long and it will include the new 4K restoration of The Beyond that the master musician Fabio Frizzi created an entirely new score for. 

And two -- the Opening Night movie stars Eva Green! Called Nocebo it's from director Lorcan Finnegan (who made Vivarium) and it has Eva playing a woman plagued by a mysterious illness, who starts taking folk remedies that a Filipino caretaker (who just...shows up one day... dun dun dun), which leads to a rift with her husband (played by Mark Strong). I am sure this will all work out well for everybody involved! Anyway I'm intrigued (slash nervous) to see how the racial aspects play out here, but Eva Green anything is always welcome.

And third -- they've got Joko Anwar's new movie! The Indonesian master has made a sequel to his 2017 film Satan's Slaves and it's been out in his home country for several weeks now and I have watched in absolute raw jealousy as raves for it over there have passed by my eyes -- I wasn't sure when we'd get to see it here in the US, so this is welcome news indeed! 

Anyway there are several more titles of note in this, just the first announcement -- they've got the new V/H/S anthology film, they've got Benson & Moorehead's latest, they've got a doc about Stephen King movies and they've got Kyle Gallner and they've got the very fine movie The Harbinger, which I reviewed at Fantasia last month right here. The fest runs from October 13th through 20th and you can buy your fest badges right now at this link. Click on over and check it all out! Or else...

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Jeff C. said...

Joko's Satan's Slave sequel is an absolute delight, save for the last act itself which I find a bit confusing.