Thursday, August 04, 2022

Pics of the Day

This morning Vanity Fair has shared with us the first photos from Welcome to Chippendales, Kumail Nanjiani's series about the dude who got that male-stripper thing rolling back in the 1970s and 80s, and then also that whole murder thing that happened that got covered by the tabloids and turned into a TV movie and such. VF has some photos of Kumail in character but they're really boring photos of him wearing ugly suits so you can click over for those -- I only stole the juicy ones. Murray Bartlett seen up top was cast back in January as the (doomed) choreographer, and I guess he's found his niche. Dead gays! I wonder if they'll kill him on Physical? He can have a full trifecta. Also on the show is Dan Stevens in an insanely flamboyant role I spoke about when he was cast -- they haven't given us any photos of him yet, I guess they're saving them. Anyway this show was previously called Immigrant but I guess they took my advice on changing that title because good grief was that title never gonna work! Welcome to Chippendales is a little clunky but at least it's not making the male stripper television program sound like a dour sepia-toned James Gray movie about cholera rats.

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