Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Pic of the Day

Jake Gyllenhaal just posted this to his Insta, captioning it:

"I’ve wanted to work with the ridiculously talented Doug Liman
for years. Day 1. Roadhouse."

It is true, what he says there -- I have posts about Jake trying to work with Doug Liman that date back to 2007. Anyway I guess those photos that Billy Magnussen posted last week (specifically The Stache) were from pre-production, if today is Day One (that sounds so Biblical haha) -- I hope that stache stays on Billy though! I love a good mustache twirl. And speaking of people's looks for this movie, let us now zoom in on Jake to see what he will be looking like for his Road House (sidenote: will the mystery ever be solved if this movie's title is one word or two? Jake writes it with one but that clapboard has it split)...

Pretty standard Jake, right? I am fine by that. Standard Jake
is my favorite Jake. It's just Jake after all! Just Jake!

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bdog said...

It's weird, b/c Roadhouse came out when I was a kid, saw it on HBO probably, thought it kinda sucked. But now it's...Something?