Friday, July 29, 2022

Fantasia 2022: Deadstream in 175 Words or Less

Not to waste too much time in this brief capsule review of Joseph and Vanessa Winter's bonkers-in-the-best-way found-footage horror flick Deadstream on a different lesser movie, but I kept thinking of Rob Savage's abysmal flick Dashcam while watching this one, and how this movie manages to do everything that that one pretended to be doing, and about one thousand times better. First and foremost Deadstream purposefully gives us a protagonist that we should all actively want to punch in the face (kind of a less muscle-headed Logan Paul type) but Deadstream actually manages to make him entertaining in his awfulness. So quite unlike the way that Dashcam made me want to pour bleach into my ear-holes to burn the part of my brain away where their movie had just gone, then. Deadstream is just a blast -- a jack-in-the-box haunted-house flick that's funny and creepy and savage and gross. And when it hits Shudder later this year you should reserve it a space. Stay tuned!

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