Thursday, July 07, 2022

Cox Swings Back Into Action

Back in May I told y'all that two writers were working on a new Marvel series that would bring Charlie Cox's Daredevil back into the MCU -- well I suppose technically it's not "back into the MCU" since the Netflix series he was a part of was never technically, while it was airing, seen as part of the MCU at all. But that's changing! Since Charlie was seen playing Matt Murdock in the last Spider-twink movie, while Vincent D'Onofrio turned up as the villain Kingpin in the Hawkeye series this isn't a total shock. But now we have some more details (even if Marvel themselves still refuse to comment) -- THR says the twosome are joining the previously announced series Echo, which is set to follow the character Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) played on Hawkeye

I think her nickname was Echo? I didn't pay a ton of attention to Hawkeye when I watched it, to be honest. I remember her being pretty cool though, I think. And I like Hailee Stanfield of course. That show just felt too low-stakes to me while Loki was out there surfing the universe and having word battles with Jonathan Majors -- that was where my attention was at that time. But bringing Charlie around willc ertainly snag my interest this time! There are rumors that Charlie will be tag-teaming up on the show with Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones again too, which is smart thinking! She kicked ass on her show as well. [Cut to Finn Jones sitting sadly by his silent phone.]

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