Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Chomp Goes The Bronto

(pic via) So as detailed briefly on Monday (and several hundred other times over these many years) I fancy myself a Jurassic Park nerd from way back. Saw the original several gajillion times, et cetera et cetera. That said I've been exceptionally depressed and defeated by the most recently trilogy of World movies, and I am sad to report that that remains the case with the new movie, original trio of actors be darned -- click on over to Pajiba to read my exceptionally unhappy thoughts about Jurassic World Dominion, which hits theaters tomorrow. Oh well! We'll always have the first movie. And I suppose it could have been worse -- I could have been literally murdered by a Tyrannosaur Rex! There is that.


Shawny said...

Read your review, I felt the same way after the last one. When are they gonna realize that Chris Pratt brings barely anything worth paying attention to? Hopefully this is his last franchise.

Anonymous said...

That initial awe and astonishment of the first film simply cannot be duplicated. Even as a lifelong dinosaur geek, I am amazed at how little these movies have come to interest me.

bdog said...

Shawny-I agree, Pratt brings nothing. I'm honestly appalled by how these dumbass reboots ignore the previous films. How much more interesting would these have been if it had been Julianne Moore, or Tea Leoni leading them, w/ Goldblum as their sidekick?