Monday, May 02, 2022

These Forbidden Strangers

Hey gay people who collect physical media like me, here's a heads-up on a cool thing that got got announced by one of our favorite labels -- the fab folks at Altered Innocence (you should know their name if you don't -- follow them on Twitter here) are putting out a pair of lost queer should-be-considered-classics onto fancy blu-ray! You can read all about it and buy them here, but the basic gist is it's a double-feature of the erotic art films Passing Strangers (1974) and Forbidden Letters (1979) from Buddies director Arthur J. Bressan Jr., in a new 2K restoration. And loaded with extra special features, of course. If you've never seen Buddies by the way I recommend that one, it's terrific and it's been on blu-ray for awhile. I haven't seen these films but Buddies is enough to convince me I should. This stuff is our history, yo! Here's the (NSFW) trailer for the new set:


Nick said...

I've seen the new restoration of 'Forbidden Letters' and confirm it is very good, so obviously I pre-ordered this already and can't wait to watch 'Passing Strangers'! I'd also recommend 'Buddies' to anyone who hasn't seen it yet!

John said...

Jason, my late partner really liked Buddies, more than I expected him too. Thank you for this info. I get a lot of ideas what to rent from you and MNPP

Johnnie said...

I have bought LA Does Itself and it is rather artsy! I loved it. Before that, Equation to an Unknown and it really is the most depressing porno ever. Loved it. I will check this out!