Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Quote of the Day

“I’m not gonna die. I’m just going to get that one bit of moisture in the earth when I’m buried and I’m going to suck it and claw my way up through the worms and burst out for the resurrection... I’m an optimist. If this is the end of the world, at least we didn’t miss anything."

Red alert, there's a great big interview with our beloved John Waters up at Buzzfeed today, read it here -- the above is actually two different quotes smooshed together but I think they fit, side by side, and I couldn't reject either one. Have any of you read John's novel Liarmouth yet? I took it on vacation with me last week but didn't crack it open -- I usually read on airplanes but I was so stressed out with no one wearing masks I couldn't focus and just had to jam my eyes shut. I imagine John would side-eye me for my weakness but his is the only side-eye I will accept. He's earned it. I welcome your sneer, John!

The Buzzfeed piece is also riddled with several fantastic photos of John around his Baltimore apartment, which at this point I've seen so many times I've nearly got mapped out. Of course all I care about are the bookshelves -- I've posted photos of them twice before, see here and see here, and I will never get tired of staring at them. In this new piece he says he's got nine thousand books in this apartment alone, which is actually not too far off from the amount of books I think I have in my NYC apartment? That said he's got two more apartments that he mentions that are also stuffed with books, and I'm sure the majority of his are about ten hundred leagues cooler than my sad old copies of Tina Fey's biography or whatever. He's our Filth Elder for a reason! Anyway go read the piece, go buy your copies of his book and the upcoming Criterion edition of Pink Flamingos, and go live your life in an appropriately filthy manner! Saint John is watching!

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Row-bin said...

I am maybe halfway done with Liarmouth, and it's everything you could expect and want thus far.

Also, the main character's name is Marsha Sprinkle which is the John Waters-iest name ever in existence.