Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Am Link

--- Still Waters - Dazed got to visit John Waters at home and besides a nice interview there's also a gallery of him and all his junk and it's totally making my toes curl. He has great shit, and bookshelves - bookshelves! - filled with great shit, I am gonna pore over every single corner of these photos with a magnifying glass.

--- Poetry In Motion - The great surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has taken to Kickstarter to try and raise some funds for his next movie, which will be called Endless Poetry and will apparently be a follow-up or continuation to his last movie, The Dance of Reality. This is where I remember I watched half of TDOR on my iPad about a month ago and still haven't finished it - not because I wasn't enjoying it but I got distracted, as one does when one's watching something on one's iPad like an asshole. Here's the direct link to his Kickstarter page.

--- War & Pieces - If war was actually filled with dudes as gorgeous as Jamie Dornan (here's his penis cleavage) and Guillaume Canet (here's a gratuitous post) then war would be a pretty awesome place to die horribly, yo.  Netflix is about to make a movie about a real-world 1961 battle between 150 Irishmen and a massive force of Congolese troops led by the French, with those two hunks as the faces of opposition. Faces that make out? Oh, I'm sure.

--- In Da Club - Yesterday I got about a quarter of the way into Vulture's big piece on the recent resurrection of Ryan Phillippe's cult film 54 before I realized it's a big big piece (that's what Reese Witherspoon said) and I didn't have time to make it all the way through it then, so I'm holding it (that's what Reese Witherspoon said) until lunch today. I did get to the part where Ryan & Breckin talk about wearing short-shorts and making out though and that's totally worth it.

--- Scooter Savior - What an odd story this is - apparently Armie Hammer and a bunch of his rich friends were riding their Vespas around in Venice when some dude went careening down a narrow street in his car and the rich folks formed a barrier of Vespa Vigilantes and blocked him until the police showed up. I feel like I should cuff my pants while reading this story.

--- Liv Strong - The Film Experience is taking a look at actresses who've been nominated more than once for Best Actress for performances in a foreign language this week - he already looked at Sophia Loren earlier this week, and today Abstew takes on the luminous lovely Liv Ullmann, my fave.

--- Tears Maker - Alright I'm just now realizing this link list is more-than-usual stuffed with articles I actually haven't read in full yet - here's another one! Here's an interview with the legendary cinematographer Michael Balhhaus about his time spent working with Rainer Wener Fassbinder on movies like The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant and Chinese Roulette. I will also read this at lunch. I am apparently taking a very long lunch.

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dk468 said...

Just say no to the froggy, the hubby of that tacky Piaf impersonator who had the nerve to steal the Oscar from Julie and now come back to the scene of that heinous crime against humanity plotting against our fair red haired screen goddess, Juli (what does this vile broad have against Juli(e)'s of the world?!! ) Merde! Salope! Putane!
Can we invade France already, pretty please?