Thursday, May 26, 2022

Good Morning, World

Still thinking about Top Gun this morning, even after I exorcized a bunch of random thoughts and feelings with that review of the sequel that I barfed out yesterday afternoon -- read that here if you feel like getting a little barf on yourself anyway. (And who doesn't?) For those who asked in the comments and on Twitter and since I didn't bring it up in the review at all somehow -- Top Gun Maverick doesn't have any of the homoerotic tendencies of the original. Yes there's a shirtless football scene at the beach (glimpsed in the trailer) that luxuriates in the men's bodies for a minute but it somehow feels less leering that the volleyball scene in the first film -- it stares respectfully, yawn -- and I will say that Miles Teller & Glen Powell (bless them) do try in a couple of moments to inject something in there between their characters, you can see them straaaaaining for it, but the film refuses to allow it to take. It's a chastely hetero affair, I'm sad to report, on top of its other crimes. But really, as ranting as my review got, I still basically enjoyed the experience of watching the film? It hits its marks, the action is top notch -- just like I said don't think about any of it, don't think about any of it at all, lest you undo its spell.


Anonymous said...

Scientology is a cult that ruins peoples lives. I'll pass on this man's cinema trash.

Pierce said...

I made up my mind a long time ago that if I can't answer the question, why do they have a career, I won't pay to see their work on stage or screen. This list is long and includes Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Meg Ryan, Faye Dunaway, Nicole Kidman, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Murphy and others.

I have never seen Cruise onscreen where he didn't break through the facade of the character he's playing to still be Tom Cruise. Born on the Fourth of July and Interview with the Vampire are examples of this. If he was to do a play, any stage-trained actor would blow him off the stage so fast, it wouldn't be a surprise. Furthermore, his antics offscreen are the reason I ask "why does he have a career?"

bdog said...

That's a crazy list, Pierce, includes some exceptionally talented people.
I can tell you why Cruise has a career. He's phenomenally charismatic, very professional and works his ass off. He also is known for being very nice.
Hollywood is a business, first and foremost, He has always understood that.
I know the whole Scientology stuff is crap, but, really, only the internet and twitter pay attention to that. The average moviegoer doesn't.

dre said...

"Scientology is a cult that ruins peoples lives. I'll pass on this man's cinema trash."

Oh, so it's like EVERY religion then.