Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Josh O'Connor Doesn't Hate Twinkies

These photos are cropped a whiff because they're fashion ads and the type was irritating my OCD -- you can see the slightly fuller versions at this link (thx Mac) along with a brief series of extremely random questions with Josh himself. For some reason the interviewer asks him about food two separate times but those yield the most interesting answers -- first he admits he's on a diet because currently playing an athlete, which is definitely referring to the Luca Guadagnino tennis movie Challengers (see my previous posts about that here).  And then he says the Twinkie thing:

"I’m shooting in the States right now and discovering a whole new world of snacks. I recently ate my first Twinkie. It’s probably not weird for anyone from the States, but to me it was bizarre…and I didn’t hate it."

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Anonymous said...

There are type free versions of the photo on Loewe’s or Josh’s instagram account!