Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Good Morning, World

It's so difficult to find good birthday boy Allen Leech gratuitous content out here on the internet that I am here this morning sharing this photo that I have no context for -- he appears to be acting on stage? If you have any context give us a shout-out, otherwise just enjoy this vision of Downton Abbey's driver-turned-dream-man Allen Leech wearing lycra spanx and nothing else. You can see plenty more of him here though, from past posts -- I particularly like this one; even though he's fully dressed there's plenty to look at. They always know what they are doing when Downton's costumers cut Branson's inseams! Speaking of I have indeed seen the new movie (out on Friday!) and I'll be reviewing it later this week but there's plenty of that to keep one's eyes out for -- those linen tennis pants he wears in the trailer (see below) on the big screen will poke your eye out, and they even get him running around in one of those old-timey bathing suits! Good stuff, I tell ya. Happy birthday, Bronson!


FDot said...

I think that picture is from a production of Phaedra he did about a decade ago.

bdog said...

My Mom and I are seeing the Downton Brunch screening at Alamo this Saturday b/c I am a very good son.
Everyone in the cast is hot, but I'm particularly fond of Michael C. Fox.

Shawny said...

Omg I drool for Alan Leech. There was a scene in the orig series where he was suited up and you could see quite the bulge.