Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Good Morning, World

How strange that I was gone for a full week and yet here I am still talking about that issue of Fantastic Man that Luca Guadagnino edited -- it's like I never went no place at all! Maybe I've just been sitting here in a coma for seven straight days after seeing at last some higher-quality copies of the photos of Josh O'Connor's werewolf transformation photoshoot -- these were the first things we saw from the issue that told us, "Oh baby this is gonna be something special." And they told us the right thing! (via) They are indeed that. Special. Anyway more are surely coming so I'll update the post accordingly, as the morning, wears on. Morning or week, whichever comes first. Anyway yes hello I am back from my trip -- I got about four hours of sleep and they lost our luggage so don't expect tons from me (typing even what I have typed so far, my fingers feel like fat sausages I am slamming into the keyboard). But I'm here! I'm here dammit! 

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