Tuesday, April 26, 2022

One Giant Leap For Hot Mankind

I dare you to find someone else posting about this news with a vintage shirtless photo of the famed astronaut Neil Armstrong! You won't, because I am singular, baby. For good and for ill. Anyway the "news" is the fact that Al Reinart's legendary 1989 documentary For All Mankind, which captures Neil & Co's 1969 landing on the Moon, has hit Criterion 4K blu-ray today! You can pick up a copy at this link. I watched this for the very first time a couple of weeks back and it's as iconic a watch as everybody says -- basically sails right passed educational to foundational, and you're less of a complete person if you haven't watched this doc. It's that important. And the 4K remaster is stunning. Not to be missed! 

And in a weird confluence of moon-stuff, a movie that absolutely can be missed is also now out on blu-ray -- Roland Emmerich's trashy disaster pic Moonfall starring Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry's out floating about for your purchasing pleasure as well now, if you're so inclined to abuse. You can buy it at this link here. I really suggest you do yourself and your wallet better than that, but who am I to judge? I am slowly steadily burying myself alive under all the garbage I own. My review of Moonfall can be read right here though, if you really want to save yourself. I really and truly wanted to like this one, as I consider myself a Disaster Movie Aficionado, but this was too much for even me. I mean...

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