Thursday, April 28, 2022

I Said Shorts, Colin Said How Short

My terrifying powers of substantiation seem to have reached their pinnacle, as I have spoken things into existence not just once but twice today -- I talked about Juliette Binoche & Ralph Fiennes making a movie together and voila, they are making a movie together! And this morning I yelled at Colin Farrell for going two weeks without getting photographed in his iconic short-shorts, and here we go! (via) Okay these ones are a little longer than normal, so I don't know if they qualify as "short shorts" but I will take them in lieu of nothing. The colorful socks -- and those calves, as ever those gorgeous rock-hard calves, Colin clearly never skips Leg Day -- make up for that extra inch or two of length. (That's what he said.) So our thanks to Colin for listening to my extra-subliminal commands! I promise to only use my power for good (or what I deem "good" anyway). Hit the jump for the photos...

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