Friday, March 04, 2022

Sebastian So Delicious

One of the movies I have most been dying to re-watch since Sundance earlier this year was Mimi Cave's horror rom-com Fresh, which stars Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones as meet-cuters whose relationship goes, uhh, off the rails -- I reviewed it at Pajiba during that fest, and now you can see for yourselves as the film's out on Hulu today. Seb posted the above video on his Insta this afternoon, which he says was his audition for the role -- he's seriously great in the movie y'all, and I think it will be my eternal favorite role from him. Although I am enjoying Pam & Tommy a lot right now, too. Anybody watching that? I'm only two or three episodes in, but Lily James? Fucking powerhouse, that one.

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Eugene said...

At first I thought he had taken a leaf from Taron Egerton's playbook. Glad this is on Hulu and will definitely watch. Pam and Tommy is entertaining but hate the commercial interruptions and I refuse to pay extra since we are being nickle and dimed to death by streaming services. Impossible to keep up with everything one would like to see. So glad Hulu doesn't interrupt its movies with commercials. That would be my last straw with them.