Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Good Morning, World

It's a big week for those of us who count ourselves amongst the Colin Farrell Obsessives, as he's got a villain role in the big superhero movie out on Friday (that would be The Batman, which I reviewed right here )and he's also got an arthouse flick in which he gives one of his most lovely and understated performances (that would be After Yang, which I shared the trailer for here) and which is hitting Showtime. If it was up to me I'd be putting After Yang in a gazillion theaters and The Batman online for streaming because quality-wise that's what the films deserve, but that's why I don't run Hollywood, as my taste would run it into the ground in less than a week. And on the subject of taste these gifs here are via the execrable 2012 remake of Total Recall, which should be remembered only for the shots of Colin in just gray sweatpants and only for that alone. Boo to this otherwise travesty of a flick. Oh and one other thing -- did you see Colin talking on a talk show earlier this week about his widely celebrated dalliances with short shorts? He said his 12-year-old son finds them embarrassing, and I get it, kid, but also shut the hell up it's not for you!!!

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Love Hard Male Nipples 1 said...

I"ve Seen Both Versions of Total Recall The Only Main Best Part is His Quaid Character Waking Up From The Nightmare Similar To Arnold In The(" 1990 Version") (Bare Feet("Bare Chested") Wearing Pajama Bottoms +While Getting Something To Drink And Taking It Outside On His Porch

Colin's Sexy Tasty Looking ("Nipples")
Love it