Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Charlie: The most exciting part of the sex that we 
just had was when my penis chafed by your NuvaRing.

Oh my lord did anybody else forget this movie existed? I had totally forgotten this movie existed. Remember when we almost got Ari Graynor as a thing? I wish we would have, she is so funny and talented but Hollywood just didn't seem to know what to do with her. She hasn't stopped working -- she was terrific on Mrs. America just last year -- but I want to see her more. But speaking of people that Hollywood hasn't figured out what to do with -- we're here today not for Ari, but because it's James Wolk's birthday! 

As much as I forgot this movie existed I forgot even more that James Wolk was in it -- and shirtless to boot! I think he's only in the opening scene seen having sex with and summarily breaking up with the not-Ari other lead character (played by co-writer Lauren Miller Rogen) but what a scene. The movie is on HBO Max or rentable on Amazon if you wanna see it again or for the first time -- when I did my capsule review at the time I called it "totally charming.. totally a Pink Box Movie and unashamed of that fact." I'm adding it to my list for another go, here on the (good grief) almost 10-year anniversary. 

Anyway happy birthday, James! I hope your role in George Clooney's upcoming Olympic Rowing Team movie (is there any point side-eyeing George Clooney about this shit anymore?) The Boys in the Boat (previously spoken about here) is a good one, and I don't just mean that you show off those famous gams. (I do mean that though, in part.) Hit the jump for some gifs from FAGTC (that abbreviation!) that I made of James after the jump...


joel65913 said...

He needs a stronger career, though he works a good deal I just wish it was in better things. I stuck with his latest series "Ordinary Joe" strictly for him but can't say I was sorry that it was cancelled. It was often a mess and he was photographed horribly a good deal of the time.

Hot guys said...

Wait, that's James Wolk in the first GIF doin' the deed? 😏

He's always been an eye-candy but, cool to see him "in action" 🔥