Friday, March 25, 2022

Channaissance Rising

The blessed age of our Channaissance is in full swing with this weekend's release of The Lost City starring him and Sandra Bullock in an adventure-romance that very clearly has the 1984 classic Romancing the Stone on its mind (and buttocks) -- I reviewed it for Pajiba today, and here is that review! It's totally okay and you probably will not have a bad time watching it! (Here is a recent gratuitous clip they dropped, if you need further convincing.) This comes just a few weeks after Tatum's also not bad directorial debut Dog -- which I reviewed right here -- and also hot on the tail of his exquisite for-the-ages photoshoot for V Man magazine, posted here. There's all of that, and Magic Mike 3 is set to start filming any minute I do believe (speaking of -- shouldn't we be getting some casting updates on that one, guys?)... I personally am real glad to have Channing back in our lives. I missed his ass. (Do I need to add "literally"? I don't think I need to add that. You get it.)

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Spideu137 said...

I watched "RTS" this week and echo your comments. It looked like goddess Turner and Douglas were covered in mud, sweat and in an actual jungle, that they were bouncing down back roads, the crocs weren't CGI...I kept thinking they don't make them like they used to as now everything is a glorified cartoon. But movie stars, as with Turner's iconic Jessica Rabbit, can be movie stars even in cartoons, so looking forward to sex lunk Channing and best when she does comedy Bullock do their thing in this.