Sunday, March 27, 2022

And Then It Was Sunday

And Oscar Sunday, no less.


Shawny said...

Wow, Will Smith displays his ugly toxic masculinity in front of the world and then receives the highest honor while not owning up to what he did, and best picture goes to a Hallmark quality film, when there are several flat out masterpieces nominated. Not a good night for the Oscar's. A joke was made about the Golden Globes getting cancelled but my good faith in Hollywoods most glamorous night has been shaken up. Legitimacy, credibility are on the line. I Would expect that there were a significant number of industry people in attendance who left disillusioned.

I was happy with many of the other wins though, I just think that those two moments were too powerful to not overtake everything else that happened. Very sad. I loved Will Smith. Now I'm just disappointed.

Anonymous said...

People relating their own personal trauma to Will smacking Chris Rock is weird! say MediumSizeMeech. Have some self-awareness.

bdog said...

I'm gonna comment on the picture. Fresh was fantastic! Great performances by both leads, and very well directed.

Desert_Joe said...

WTF was that mess last night?!

Glad I read about it afterwards and didn't watch. Come to think of it, I haven't watched the Oscars since the 3rd or 4th time that Glenn Close got robbed, whatever year that was.