Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

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Kajillionaire (2020)

Theresa: When a man gives you wood, anything 
made of wood, he's saying, "You give me wood."

God I loved Kajillionaire! Here is my review. Talk about an under-rated and -appreciated film that got kind of lost amid the pandemic -- hopefully it will find its cult with time. It swoons! And that score by Emile Mosseri (my beloved Emile Mosseri) is still on constant repeat on my playlist. If you somehow missed this movie I recommend you find it. It's on HBO Max or if you don't have that it's rent-able on Amazon. Weirdly it's only been released on DVD, not blu-ray? I don't understand how that happens to a 2020 movie but there you have it. All that said -- a happy 48th birthday to the ever and forever great Miranda July today! 

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Shawny said...

Love MJ. She's a real visionary