Friday, January 14, 2022

Jack Quaid Six Times

I didn't intend for today to be nothing but staring at Scream fellas, but this new photo-shoot of actor (and son to Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan, can't forget that) Jack Quaid showed up after I'd already posted this morning's Insta-snaps of original Scream villain Skeet Ulrich, and why not go with the theme since the new movie's out today? Not just out, but actually good! (Here is my review.) I haven't seen Jack in a ton of things (I still haven't started watching The Boys, incredibly) so I think pre-Scream my biggest exposure to him was in the 2017 meta-slasher Tragedy Girls, which is appropriate given this fresh context he finds himself in! (Any fans of Tragedy Girls? I liked it and actually thought of it a couple times while watching the new Scream, funny enough.) Anyway this Esquire shoot seen here (via) is also kinda meta-slasher in its way, hit the jump for the whole thing...

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