Friday, January 14, 2022

Good Morning, World

New Scream is out today! While I am not recommending anybody go to a movie theater right now (not unless you can guarantee your safety) I also must report that this 2022 edition of the Ghostface Franchise is totally terrific -- I reviewed it at Pajiba a couple of days ago, if you missed it. And this morning, to stay in the mood, I share with you some OG Ghostface Killer Mr. Skeet Ulrich rocking his Instagram, still looking mighty fine 25 years on. Billy was a bad bad boy but I would've participated in some under-the-sweater action too, Sidney. Still would.

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Bdog said...

He's actually better looking now. I'm waiting to hit a matinee on Tuesday, post MLK weekend. Should be relatively empty. Since I had Covid 2x, and am now a 'long-hauler', which is a fucking nightmare, I really don't want to get Omicron.