Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Great Moments in Movie Shelves #197

Over the weekend I -- and half of Film Twitter, judging by my timeline -- re-watched the four previous Scream films in preparation of this week's fifth film in the series, which is out on Friday (unfortunately only in theaters, which is pretty shitty of the studio in the middle of this omicron surge) and which I am seeing at a screening tonight. In a few hours really! I'm excited for the film, scared of going into a movie theater, it's all kinds of emotions. I did a small Twitter thread while re-watching the movies (see that here) but I set aside one bit of re-appreciation for today...

... namely the secret passageways in Scream 3 that are hidden behind a fake bookshelf! We love hidden passageways and will always stan for them -- Scream 3 is by far the worst series in the franchise so far (save its major saving grace, one Parker Posey, of course) but I do deeply love the setting of its finale, the creepy Hollywood mansion of Stab producer John Milton (played by Lance Henriksen, very clearly styled to be a meta Wes Craven). 

When my favorite horror movie podcast The Gaylords of Darkness talked about the Scream franchise recently they dug into how ahead of its time the whole "Me Too" storyline of this movie was, predating the Harvey Weinstein reckoning by a full seventeen years give or take -- and this movie was produced by Harvey! It's kinda crazy they sneaked this storyline in there, and I fully buy that Wes did it on purpose, and that he made the John Milton character look like himself (and not Weinstein) on purpose. Wes' entire career is him grappling with guilt, especially in its latter half as it became more meta, injecting his own legacy, and his doubts thereabout, into the storytelling. Scream 3 might not be successful, but it is kinda fascinating.

Anyway I'm curious to see where the fifth film goes when I see it tonight -- stay tuned later this week for my review at Pajiba. For now here below is the latest trailer for the new movie, which you probably shouldn't even watch at this point. The movie's out in three days! Save yourselves!


Unknown said...

I needed a new podcast, so thanks. I really want to see Scream, but I'm not going during this omicron mess. Hopefully, it'll be on demand sooner than later.

shaun said...

God, Scott Foley was (and is) beautiful!