Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Chris Evans Five Times

It seems like all we ever get now of Chris Evans are outtakes from old photoshoots but I suppose, you know, there is a pandemic, everything hasn't caught up. The "Chris Evans Photoshoot Industry" is really struggling, you guys. I hope they were able to get some of that sweet government money last year -- nobody deserves it more, and let's schedule a prayer circle to get them back on their feet soon. So these shots today are from a 2019 shoot for Men's Journal (I posted a good one back at the time), see them all after the jump...


John said...

The first movie of his I saw was Cellular, of course he starts out shirtless, but it was a good movie

Love Hard Male Nipples 1 said...

My First Intro To Sexy Slightly Hairy Aka Steve Guttenberg-Paul Telfer Style At The Time Very Young Chris Evans Was ("Not Another Teen Movie")Then Afterwards ("Cellular") ("Bare Chested")Scenes In ("Fantastic Four") And it's Sequel ("Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer").

I'm A Very Big Fan of Chris His Sexy Tasty Looking ("Nipples") For Quite A Long Time