Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Good Morning, World

Is it really possible that Keanu Reeves did a sultry slutty hustler-tinged daguerrotype cover-shoot by Matthew Rolston for Interview Magazine in 1990 (circa My Own Private Idaho of course, but different from the issue that Keanu did with River Phoenix seen here) and I had never seen it until yesterday? Not only possible, but the devil's honest truth -- Interview posted one of their flashbacks on their site to it last night and I was like, "Wha huh?" Just like that. "Wha huh?" I even said it out loud and everything. If a Keanu wears short jean shorts and MNPP doesn't notice, did it really happen? A question eternal, finally answered. Yes, it not only exists -- it thrives. Hit the jump for all I could scavenge up...

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