Wednesday, January 12, 2022

You Win This Round, W Magazine

I was all set to share with you Jake Gyllenhaal's three photos from W Magazine's annual "Best Performances" issue just now and moan about how much I find W's aesthetic visually displeasing every year -- I always hate the costuming and mod-heavy whimsy of it, it always strikes me as too try-hard -- but then I went over to W to grab the link to Jake's piece and instead I saw the below shot of Anthony Ramos, and... well my moans found a new, different outlet. Unfortunately there's only one Anthony photo as best I can tell but it's good not to push our luck, let's just enjoy these ones. You can see all of their shoots, which also include Adam Driver and Tilda Swinton and Kristen Stewart and all of the usual suspects right here. I really recommend just clicking on this photo below and sparing yourself the time though: 


bdog said...

Man, Ramos has a great smile, why'd they pick that downer of a pic. Cute shorts tho.

Shawny said...

Oh yeah, Valentine's Day is coming.

Anonymous said...

Sexy as hell photo of Anthony Ramos. If only they’d show us the bottom half!