Thursday, January 20, 2022

And Then A Hero Comes Along

I think this is the last big thing I'll have for you before dropping head-long into Sundance coverage for the next two weeks -- my review of Asghar Farhadi's latest film A Hero has gone up at Pajiba this afternoon! Go on over and read it here. Very good movie, per usual with Fardhadi, truly a master. The film is available on Amazon Prime this Friday, so you've got no excuses not to watch it. Not having Prime isn't a real excuse, because that particular Borg has swallowed every one of us up long ago, I know it. 

Anyway this is probably a good moment to mention the whole Sundance thing -- I'm off for a full week starting tomorrow as I'll be nestled up on my couch with five or so movies from Virtual Sundance per every damned delightful day of that. I will be reviewing things for both Pajiba and The Film Experience, and I hope to link to said reviews from here, but I make no promises -- you can definitely keep up with me on Twitter at least, and whatever I don't link to between now and the end of Sundance I will definitely round-up when I am back at my desk next Friday. I wrote up a list of movies I'm most looking forward to a few weeks back right here. Very excited for my second virtual trip to Utah -- stay tuned!

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Lawd JESUS, look at him!