Thursday, January 20, 2022

5 Off My Head: And Weird On Top

It is the 76th birthday of the greatest living filmmaker David Lynch today! I've got other things I should be doing (cough first day of Sundance cough) but there's no way I can't mark this occasion, so I came up with this idea for a quick list. The whole idea of my "5 Off My Head" series has always theoretically been to scribble down the first five examples of whatever the day's theme is, and run with those five -- that there is importance in what one's brain immediately goes to, even if spending more time with the question might bring better answers to mind. I tend to to waffle indecisively (as anyone looking for the past two years of my "Best Movies of the Year" awards might have noticed) and this is a way around that -- just write down the first five things you think of and you're done! So anyway in the interest of not waffling today, saving myself some time, here really are the first five examples I thought of when I asked my brain to come up with...

The 5 Most Terrifying Scenes in David Lynch

"Car Accident" in Wild at Heart

"Bob's By the Dresser" in Twin Peaks

"Phone Home" in Lost Highway

"Behind Winkies" in Mulholland Drive

"He put his disease in me" in Blue Velvet


There are ten thousand more scenes that I have thought of since just typing those five out, but I'm sticking with my first five thoughts! But y'all please tell me your picks in the comments...


Shawny said...

I have to agree on Behind Winkies. I audibly screamed in my first viewing. Then laughed.

Shawny said...

The sound design of Eraserhed is probably one of the great terrors in film history.

Mike Johnson said...

Bob's introduction was the moment I stopped watching "Twin Peaks." He gave me nightmares for years. A fantastic horror creation...evil personified.