Monday, November 15, 2021

The Great Gay Hopes Strike Again

Love is Strange and Frankie director Ira Sachs has begun filming his next movie and everything about this one's taking my breath away -- the film will star MNPP beloveds Ben Whishaw and Franz Rogowski as a couple who've been together for fifteen years when one of them cheats with a woman (via). The woman will be played by Adèle Exarchopoulos, also great -- it's called Passages and Sachs himself described it as "an intimacy triangle." Whishaw, what can even be said -- I call him our "Great Gay Hope" after all -- and as for Rogowski, well, having just seen Rogowski play gay beautifully in the movie Great Freedom last week (hopefully more on that soon -- see my previous post here), on top of all his other fabulous recent performances, well let's just say this one's got me real excited. And then you think this plus that Josh O'Connor / Paul Mescal romance we're  also getting -- 2022 is turning out to be a great big gay time for the movies!

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