Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Good Morning, World

Put on your favorite short shorts and crack open a cold one, cuz Daniel Craig's final James Bond picture No Time To Die is out on streaming this very day -- you can rent it over here. If you're a physical collector like I am take note that it doesn't hit blu-ray until right before Christmas, on December 21st, but that can be preordered at this link. When they had that big sale on the complete James Bond Collection (complete except for this movie) a few weeks ago (sidenote: it's still on sale) I snatched a copy of that so I might have to buy this one just so I actually have a complete complete set, even though I had a fairly mixed-to-not-great reaction to NTTD -- you can read my review right here

Daniel Craig himself wasn't any of my concern though -- he's the man who made me start watching James Bond movies, and I cherish his run even while I admit it's had its ups and downs and down down downs, and that sometimes those downs had to do with him seeming increasingly bored out of his head. I don't think he ever seemed bored in NTTD; its problems were elsewhere. (Hey Rami, yer ears ringing?) Anyway we got this scene and we got the scene immediately preceding it (the one with those short shorts and the bulge heard round the globe) and for that we cannot complain. Now hit the jump, as I have giffed them for you...

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Adrian C said...

that scene was such a sight on imax.