Monday, November 08, 2021

An Oscar-less Future

While I think it's bull-crap -- I know, such harsh language! -- that Denis Villenueve & Co didn't shoot the two parts of Dune back to back, I'm still excited to see that they are kicking into gear on the sequel so fast with today's word that the second film will begin filming in July. At this rate we'll have the second one by... 2024 or something? They say October 2023 but I think they're underestimating reality, which -- as the past year and a half has taught us if we didn't know already -- has endless ways of tossing wrenches into the works. Anyway I look forward to seeing it... right now. We'll see how I feel in two plus years (if I feel anything) (that is to say "If we're not all dead.") (Optimism, ho!) And, in summation, this has all been brought to you by any excuse to post that photo of Oscar Isaac, even though he probably won't (spoiler alert) be in the second film. The end.


Anonymous said...

One of the most kissable faces in Hollywood…

Dave R said...

My money says much of part II is already in the can.

Anonymous said...

Oct 2023 is more than realistic considering Part One finished filming + reshoot in about 5 months, and the post-production is done during the pandemic. But I think they'll aim for Venice again.

Anonymous said...

Dune Part One was boring

Anonymous said...

My crush list:

Tom Hardy
Michael Fassbender
Oscar Isaac
Charlie Hunnam
Edgar Ramirez
Taron Edgerton
Joel Edgerton
Michael B. Jordan
Penn Badgeley
Hugh Jackman
Jon Hamm
Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie

…and more