Thursday, October 14, 2021

Three New Yorker Specific Things

It's the first day of the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival here in my hometown city -- different borough from me, but there are trains! -- and if you missed my preview of this year's fest click on yonder where I link to my thoughts on several of the films they're showing and toss off a few titles I'm psyched to see anew. The photo above is from tonight's opening film, a South African picture titled Good Madam (Mlungu Wam) which is about three generations of grieving women confronting some sort of supernatural presence; read more here. I'm being vague because I am keeping my brain vague for when I see it. Best not to know too much! I'm psyched they're opening the fest with a foreign horror flick too -- broaden the scope, baby! Anyway if you're in town you should go. I plan on being there! You can stalk me and shit, just as an added bonus to the scary movie. BHFF runs for one week, until next Thursday.  

And then tomorrow my hometown LGBT fest NewFest kicks off! I also did a preview of coming attractions for that a couple of weeks ago -- check that out here. I'll be at tomorrow night's screening of the documentary Mayor Pete, about Mayor Pete, in case you're not able to stalk me tonight. Now that I'm triple-vaxxed I am going places and doing things again, and it's terrifying! But I'm dealing. (No I'm not.) Anyway stay tuned for reviews from both NewFest and Brooklyn Horror over the next week or so, I should have some of those coming to you soon. And thirdly...

... for your future New York City plans, it was announced today that the Anthology Film Archives are going to be hosting a kick-ass retrospective of Folk Horror Films from October 28th until November 11th, to go along with the epically-delicious folk horror documentary Woodlands Dark and Day Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror, which I've sung the praises of several times now, including reviewing it right here when it screened at SXSW at the start of the year. This line-up is nuts nuts nuts, and I am trying to decide how I weight my continuing COVID fears with going to as much as I possibly can. I could list about ten titles that I want to see but the unmissable ones are my beloved Messiah of Evil, which I've never seen on a big screen, and same goes for Viy. Things like The Wicker Man and Witchfinder General, while awesome, they usually screen somewhere at Halloween-time every year, but Messiah of Evil and Viy, those are unusual. Can't wait!

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