Friday, October 01, 2021

Jake Gyllenhaal's Guide to Romantic Living

While the fluffy hair and velvet suit Jake rocked at his sister Maggie's movie NYFF premiere this week were a little too Jane Seymour's Guide to Romantic Living for me he still looked great, as he is Jake, and great is Jake's wont. This afternoon I was trying to figure out which one of Jake's thirteen-thousand projects he has lined up the hair could be for when the clouds split open and the answer became obvious -- this hair is clearly his hair for playing famed movie producer Robert Evans in Barry Levinson's movie about the making of The Godfather...

... and I am deeply ashamed I didn't automatically get that. Duh!! Anyway that's not why we're here, although I am glad to share that lightning bolt with y'all -- we're here because Jake's new movie The Guilty is out on Netflix today, so some of you will probably be watching it! And after you watch it you should go read my review of it at Pajiba, which I posted back when it screened at TIFF. It's a decent movie and Jake's better than decent in it -- he also, importantly and as promised, spends a lot of time flexing and flashing his biceps -- so go forth, enjoy. And have a good weekend, every one of you.


NealB said...

Not sure what this post is about. I'll check after. Just watched The Guilty and there is an amazing lot of acting by the star. But WTF is the superplot about? And WTF is the movie actually about? Layers of equivocations and ambiguity. I really enjoyed all the psychodramas last time they made a go-around in the 80s, all the bad acting involved and all. So I was intrigued by this submission. Why didn't Tom Cruise think of it? Or Robert Redford? But something went terribly wrong in the final Netflix edit I guess. This movie is not what it thinks it's about. Mindfuck psychodrama. Yellow puke in a toilet bowl at the end. Just for fun I suppose. Babies boxed up with snakes.

Anonymous said...

I know you've been extremely busy watching all those movies for work, but after like 2 weeks is worrying me that you may not know that there was a report on deuxmoi about our Lord and Savior Lee Pace having a secret wedding at the beginning of September