Thursday, August 05, 2021

From Yellowjackets To Yorick We Go

I have to big important and exciting trailers to share with you and you today! Above is the first (clearly), for the forthcoming Showtime series called Yellowjackets. What is Yellowjackets, you ask? I am glad you asked, here's what Yellowjackets is -- Yellowjackets is a series that stars Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, and Christina Ricci, with a pilot directed by Karyn Kusama. What, you need other information? Fuck your other information. Watch the trailer, that'll give you your precious "other information" -- me, I know what I need to know to rearrange my entire life around that thing, thank you very much. Yellowjackets premieres on Showtime sometime this fall.

And then we have the first trailer for the long and I do mean long gestating Y: The Last Man adaptation, which I have been documenting basically since I began posting on this site 15 years ago. (Chart all of our coverage at this link.) It's been some time in the making! It was supposed to be a movie, or two, at one point -- it almost got made with Shia LaBeouf. But now, eighteen years after comics writer Brian K. Vaughn first introduced Yorick Brown, the sexy regular-guy last male on Earth after a plague wiped out all of the menfolk leaving a world of pissed-off and free women to pick up the pieces, we've got an FX series. And it premieres soon! On September 12th! I gotta go see about screeners, yo.

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bdog said...

The lead in Y, Ben Schnetzer, was really good in Pride a few years back.