Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Peak Christian Bale in Crisp 4K

I admitted yesterday in my New Criterion Announcement post that I still haven't bought the bullet on buying a 4K blu-ray player (Criterion is going to start releasing their movies on 4K come November) so this news update is more for y'all than it is for me (and you'd be surprised how much news I post here for my own personal enjoyment alone, haha) -- a super-fancy 4K steel-book of Mary Harron's masterpiece American Psycho is hitting the shelves of Best Buy on October 5th, says BD (thx Mac) and it's loaded with cool-sounding special-features. The extra-iest one is probably the slipcase though (seen down below), which shows Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman peeling off his legendary face-mask -- even without a 4K player I kinda wanna buy this just for that case! Here is a direct link to Best Buy's website to pre-order.

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