Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dripping With Dev

I'm not sure whether today's best news has been 1) Parker Posey joining the new Ari Aster movie, 2) the fact that I can re-watch Zola tonight thanks to it being on VOD now, or 3) the fact that I fiiiiiiinally just RSVP'd for a screening of David Lowery's film The Green Knight, which I've been jonesing for for well over a year now. But for the sake of this post let's go with the latter, because A24 also dropped a new clip of the movie today (via), one which involves a half-naked Dev Patel soaking wet and that, naturally, is currently consuming my thoughts. Watch:

The Green Knight -- which has gay stuff involving
Joel Edgerton, don't forget! -- hits theaters on July 30th!
Oh and A24 just dropped these for your high school locker:


Anonymous said...

“You can call him Sir“ made me wet

Can’t wait to watch

Rui said...

Still there's no sex scene between them or any nudity from them unfortunately.