Thursday, November 05, 2020

Putting the Gay in Gawain!

Big huge gay rumormongering happening on the Twitter-web today -- which has nothing to do with the election, for a change! It started a couple of days ago when Next Best Picture's Will Mavity caught the R-rating announcement for David Lowery's forthcoming movie version of The Green Knight for A24, which stars Dev Patel as the Sir Gawain of legend -- we showed you the trailer awhile back right here, and were pretty excited at the time not just by the gorgeous looking visuals but also by the sight of Dev's co-star Joel Edgerton rocking just a kilt. (And sidenote, Joel was just recently giving us an inkling what might be underneath.)

Well our pal Will caught that the R-rating was for "violence, some sexuality, and graphic nudity" and we all had some good fun convo about whether Dev or Joel or Dev and Joel would be dropping trou, I joked about them having "a sword-fight"... and then A24 tweeted this today:

And then Will shared some more information of his own:

... and I might just be losing my mind a little bit? This is unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome! If we're gonna get all of these period lesbian romances about beautiful women staring at the water with one another why can't we get one where blood-soaked Middle Ages maniacs get their horned-up fuck on after battle? It's not like that wasn't very much a thing, historically speaking. We demand historically accurate sodomy, Hollywood! Anyway we'll keep tuned to this station for every bit of news, for obviously -- we still don't know when The Green Knight is coming out though, so prepare to remain patient. This week is good practice for eeeeeverybody's patience.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping it's true, but I'm still holding out for Dev Patel and Andrew Garfield to play a couple!

Anonymous said...

Yesssssss can’t wait

Anonymous said...

Can’t wait! Also though, very interesting as I just read that the initial release is in Russia... hmm.